HTC G REIGNS, HTC VIVE, and V-Armed Transform Mexico City Police Training With Wireless VR and Private 5G

June 14, 2024

Enhanced Mobility, Greater Reliability, and Realistic Simulations Empower Mexico City Police in VR Training

HTC G REIGNS, HTC VIVE, and V-Armed are revolutionizing Mexico City police training with a private 5G network, wireless VR technology, and location-based software. Trainees experience increased mobility, greater reliability, and realistic simulations that enhance decision making, response time, and overall readiness for real-life situations.

Video transcript:

The biggest benefit of VR for law enforcement is the ability to provide realistic and safe trainings scenarios.

And that helps them improve their decision making skills, their response time, and the overall readiness for real life situations.

In the Mexico City facility, we are using the new wireless configuration.

This set up involves using a wireless VR headset that connects to a private 5G network.

The one we're using is the G REIGNS [Private 5G] and VIVE Business+ [Device Management and Location-based software], and the headset we're using is the HTC VIVE XR Elite.

The benefits of the new wireless configuration for the Mexico City Police in their training is increased mobility.

The previous system involved a backpack that had to be worn by each participant, and now they can train with the gear they use every day.

And increased battery life, because now we can train continuously for 1.5 hours compared to the 25 minutes we used to get in the previous system.

The technical benefits with the private 5G network are low latency, that gives us a more responsive VR experience.

More bandwidth, allows us a more realistic and engaging simulation, and reliability.