Advanced Network


Provide advanced technique to 5G private network

  • G REIGNS experts have over 20 years of experience in telecom domain. We are familiar with telecommunication protocol and specification. Moreover we are capable to provide tailor-made 5G private network to adopt customer’s various use cases and help enterprise seamlessly complete their 5G digital transformation.
  • Inherited skills and knowledge from parent company HTC, G REIGNS is confident that we are capable to resolve interoperability issues between 5G terminal, network and core timely and serve our customers with the highest quality.
  • The customized network complies with 3GPP and O-RAN specification using COTS x86 base server. G REIGNS provides software and/or hardware depending on what customer need.

Why private networks

Time to Market

  • 5G cloud VR end to end solution.
  • Ready for commercial private 5G network.

Standard Compliance

  • 5G NR standalone network, simplify structure.
  • Complies with 3GPP Release-15 and O-RAN specification. Interoperable with 5GC and O-RU from different vendor.

Scalable and Flexible Architecture

  • Support High Availability, could be bare-metal or container base.
  • Hardware scalability according to service levels and user scenarios.
  • Various cooperating models available, RAN software can be supplied separately.
Product spec

Look into the product

Network Mode
NR SA, Rel 15
Max. UE per Cell
Max. 256 connected / 128 active
Up to 100MHz
FR1: n79, n78, n77, n48
Avg. 20~30 ms
Max. DL 1Gbps, Max. UL 350Mbps
O1, M-plane
Time Synchronization
IEEE 1588v2, GPS
Product compatibility

Compatible 5GC and O-RU

Alpha, Benetel, Foxconn, Lions, Liteon, WNC
Affirmed, Atayalan, Athonet, Cisco, Druid, Ericsson, Metaswitch, NEC, Nokia

Smart Warehouse and Manufacturing

Minimize the wiring costs and adjust equipment location flexibly without area restriction.


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Smart Operation

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Smart Development

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