Creating a Seamless Virtual Streaming Environment for Mission Training

January 1, 2024


G REIGNS delivers an advanced private 5G networks serving as a comprehensive solution that helps industries enhance user experiences and streamline their digitalization processes. These networks support concurrent multi-user access, enabling law enforcement personnel, emergency responders, education, and industrial designs to engage in immersive virtual reality training tailored to their specific needs.

The Challenge and Why Private 5G

For some mission trainings with backpack PC, wired computers or WiFi connectivity, there are problems about heavy equipped trainee and high latency caused by WiFi resources heavy data loading with multi-users scenarios. These problems usually cause bad user experience and connectivity and lead the training result to be unacceptable. Thus G REIGNS proposes a private 5G network solutions enabling real-time 3D streaming with low latency, high-quality immersive simulation, and stable connectivity in virtual mission trainings.

Synergy of private 5G network and virtual reality technology

With the synergy of HTC G REIGNS private 5G network solutions & VR technology, a leading global private 5G network solution has been developed and successfully deployed across a variety of industries for virtual mission training.
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The Customer

One of the use-cases is for police departments to conduct virtual training drills for real-life scenarios that would be impossible to recreate.
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