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Why Colorbond Is A Popular Product For Roofing And Fences

Why Colorbond Products Are Great For Roofing & Fencing

Colorbond Materials - Roofing - Fencing

Colorbond products have long been the preferred choice for commercial and industrial premises. There are many economical, practical and design benefits of using Colorbond roofing and fencing products.

Some of the reasons why Colorbond products are great choices for building fences and roofing are as follows:-

  • Design flexibility
  • Color variety
  • The Attractiveness
  • Strength & Durability and many others


Colorbond Materials

Further discussed are the reasons why many builders will opt for none other.

The Design Flexibility

Colorbond steel roofing is known for its exceptional spanning capabilities resulting to efficient structures that allow a more column-free floor area. There are various roofing profiles available for designers to choose from. It is therefore possible to choose the profile that best meets your roofing design needs.

Color Choices

There are more than ten colors to choose from when you are considering Colorbond fencing. It is therefore easy to find something that will make your home more inviting or complement its existing exterior décor. There are also a wide range of colors available to help property owners and building designers to come up with something that uniquely stands out. The wide color choices are able suit the design requirements of the building.

Efficient Construction

The Colorbond products allow easy construction which is also quality and unique. Roofing sheets can be easily rolled on site in varied lengths of about 100 metres. This makes the need for lap joints unnecessary.

Very Attractive

Colorbond is known for attractive looking roofing and fencing materials that result to an attractive end result. If it’s the fencing, it looks attractive on both sides, the same applies to the roofing sheets. Colorbond has a new Super Polyester coating technology that makes the fence look newer for a longer time.

Thermally efficient

Colorbond steel roofing has been known to allow efficient control of the amount of heat being absorbed into the building. Some building owners and designers have opted for lighter colors in order to help in the qualification of insulation concessions and contribute to the saving of time and cost when it comes to overall construction.

Strong & Durable

Thanks to Colorbond roofing’s ZINCALUME which is corrosion resistant, the sheets are therefore strong and durable. With a steel base which is coated with a paint finish that is resistant to chipping, cracking or peeling, a Colorbond sheet will last for a long time. The fences are also durable apart from being attractive. Apart from being corrosion resistant and strong, Colorbond fencing and roofing products are also termite resistant, non-combustible and weather-friendly, making them effectively protect your property from succumbing to the harsh Australian weather conditions.

Easy Maintenance

Once it is installed in place there is little nothing you have to do to maintain it. You only need to keep soil and other garden debris off the bottom of the fence. You will also do an occasional wash of the fence and nothing else. There is no need to repaint it because it is genuine Colorbond steel. As for the roof there is really not much you could do, unless there is poor construction that requires some minor repairs.

Secure & Private

The Colorbond roof will provide adequate covering for the building and the fence will provide adequate security for the home. There are no existing gaps where prying eyes can peek. The fence is an effective privacy screen, a secure barrier with no easy hand holds or footholds for intruders to climb in. This will keep any unauthorized people and animals from getting into the property.

Environment Friendly

Colorbond steel as a construction material for the roof and fence is environment friendly since it is recyclable material. During construction the steel colorbond construction material generate very little waste material. In case there is waste material, it can be recycled. You also don’t have to use toxic chemicals on the fence to keep the termites and other bugs from causing damage because steel is no doubt termite proof. This will keep the environment from pollution of the toxic chemicals.

BlueScope Steel Backing

With the backing of Bluescope Steel you can be assured of great performance by the Colorbond steel. There is a ten year warranty on the posts, the rails and the infill sheets. This will keep every property owner at ease because they are assured of durability.

How To Tell A Genuine Colorbond Steel

Since it most pre-painted steel products on the market resemble each other there are three things to look out for in genuine colorbond steel in order to distinguish it from the rest. As for proof of their existence

  • Strength
  • A corrosion-resistant base
  • Has To Be Bought from Colorbond manufacturers


However, Colorbond remains the best construction material and the above reasons have more than clarified that.


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