Michael Reign: My journey into consultation

It is no coincidence that the renovate and build expo by the HIA last year was held in the city of Brisbane. The HIA is the biggest organization in the residential building and renovations industry. That it chose this city says a lot about the direction things are taking. This city has for a long time been considered by many as the sleepy and somewhat poor cousin of the more affluent Sydney and Melbourne but things are slowly changing. The city that many people thought of as a sleepy country town is growing, into one of the most modern and forward urban locations in the country. Estimates put the number of visitors to the city at about a thousand per week. This forward movement in growth seems to be spilling over to and driving the building and renovations industry. Experts like us are often the happiest when something like this occurs in our cities.

In all my years as an expert in the building and renovations industry, people have many needs and requirements of the people they entrust their houses too. People will want to renovate for various reasons, depending on their plans with the house. Some want to expand their decks to make space for growing children to play, others simply like to have more space to relax. People have different demands and budgets. However, one thing that stands out through it all is that everyone wants someone whom they can trust, to deliver everything just right for them.

They want someone who understands the rules and regulations involved when renovating. In Brisbane, for instance, depending on the size of the house and the renovations, the renovations have to be inspected by the council. Customers normally look for people they can trust to direct the through the implications of any design decisions they make.

To meet customer needs, knowledge is required. My degree in construction management is important to me, but what got me thus far was the knowledge acquired along the way after starting my own business. Attending expos and seminars helps a great deal to learn things from both the industry experts and my colleagues. I find that the contacts I make go a long way in helping me grow. Having lived through the phase of life one does in Brisbane, from single adult all the way to 45 years old and married with two kids, the experience I have is what drives my success. I try to put myself in the customer’s shoes, and work out what their needs are from my experiences. The decision to expand into consultation came easy because I realized that I could help many people advising rather than doing the actual physical work.